11 May 2018

An Experience Not To Be Missed!

Being a fair weather social rider as opposed to a hard core scooter rider, I wanted to share my experience of the Gran Tourismo Spain Guided Scooter Tours in Almeria, Spain which I had the pleasure of experiencing during April 2018.

Not having ridden my scooter very much since the August 2017 Isle of Wight scooter rally, I was a little apprehensive at the prospect of spending three days touring unknown territory in Spain, driving on the other side of the road and keeping up with my husband Frank, who has been riding scooters for far too many years to mention!!!!

However, the whole experience was a sheer delight. The livery of Scomadi scooters provided as part of the tour where immaculately maintained by Ian our host.  The scenery was stunning, covering mountain ranges, coastal resorts, an historical castle and monastery.  The roads were pleasantly challenging, many hairpin bends, sweeping corners and open stretches which all contributed to improving my driving confidence on the Scomadi scooter.  Each day just flew by as we covered over 360 miles in the three days, the tour each day having been personally mapped out, carefully and safely guided by Ian, who was considerate of all driving capabilities and set the pace accordingly.

Having parked up the scooters at the end of each day, we then took a five minute walk down to the local bars in the village to enjoy a refreshing beer or two, sharing our highlights of the day with the locals and ex pats.

Ian and Sue who own the business were fantastic hosts, ensuring that everyone feels very welcome and at ease as you share their renovated Spanish farm house and enjoying freshly prepared homemade meals taken in the breakfast room overlooking the local country side.

Kaye Sanderson

Scomadi Lady Driver

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