10 August 2018

The Pebble and The Boy

Further to our announcement of the range of limited edition scooters in partnership with The Who, we are pleased to share the news of another exciting marketing opportunity for the Scomadi brand.

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Manchester born director, writer and producer Chris Green and the team behind the independent film The Pebble and The Boy.

Inspired by the music of Paul Weller and an album track of the same name, The Pebble and the Boy is a modern day road trip of discovery for nineteen year old John Parker who sets off on an eventful journey from Manchester on his late father’s Lambretta to scatter the dead man's ashes into the sea in Brighton, spiritual home of the Mods.  It is a film full of humour but at its heart is a story about the love between a boy and his father.

The Pebble and The Boy team have launched a crowd funding campaign to raise the final funds required to complete the project with filming taking place in both Manchester and Brighton from September 2018.  There are some great opportunities on offer with both ride on and speaking parts in the film up for grabs.

Chris and his production team have taken the decision to commit to start shooting the film in September, part of the reason for this is that next year marks the 40th anniversary of Quadrophenia which is too good an opportunity to  miss!   They have the following in place:

  • Support from Paul Weller. 
  • An exciting well known cast that they will be announcing soon. 
  • Some great surprise cameo appearances from famous faces. 
  • An amazing soundtrack. 
  • Over 523,000 views of the teaser promoting the film. 
  • Agreements with  a number of well known sponsors which will be announced soon. 
  • A guaranteed distribution deal - This film WILL be in cinemas! 

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Please spread the word about this fantastic project.

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